Anyone else fancy a kale smoothie?

Just a quick one from me to wish you all had a fantastic Easter holiday! Now all we have to do is finish off that 2000 grams of demolished chocolate eggs, find 10 more fluffy (very bunny-like) Cadburys Creme Eggs from under the sofa, a million microscopic foil wrappers off the floors and sticky handprints from every crevice of the home! I think it may be Easter 2023 by the time I'm all done. How about you? haha. Sorry I digress! Of course the RPC household has had a lovely Easter.

Lots of Mud Kitchens went out for the Easter Holidays and Wall Bars. So I'm hoping we had lots of mud pies on one end of the garden and lots of cocktails on the other. Now next time I touch base we'll be talking about new garden bar choices! Ready, set & go summer!

That's all folks :)

Rosie x.