From a pile of pallets to a family business...

Rosie's Pallet Co. began in 2017 with a pile of unused pallet wood that had been sat in the garden. After leaving my 9 to 5 to spend more time at home with my new born Isaac. Like many I began experimenting with my free time. However unbeknown to me those pile of pallets burning a hole in my mind would turn in to the beginnings of a new life. With a dash of creatively and lot of borrowed tools I began. From sharing some images of my creations on social media, my up-cycling hobby soon got a whole lot of unexpected attention and quickly became a runaway business.

Day by day working on exciting requests from family and customers or even just creating my own designs. Innovation became a part of the day. Along with sourcing the best pallets to find real quality wood that would otherwise be doomed for the fire. Well now they had a new lease of life! Wonderful bespoke pieces from my fast growing workshop to your home.

Now many years on. Tears, sweat and dare say plenty of splinters later! I now sell a wide variety of products from Garden Bars to Doughnut Walls for Weddings! Always growing I am happy to discuss custom designs with the customers to create their perfect pieces to flex those innovative muscles.

The designs have a unique rustic look, but to go a step further to ensure our items are truly unique. I offer personalisation on most of the products making them extra special. I find that offering personalisation also makes the items perfect for giving as gifts.

What started off selling local to me here in north wales. Nowadays, even though I still work from the same humble workshop at home. I upped my wrapping game and I now ship nationwide to meet high demand for these unique pieces.

Being a huge advocate of small business I strive to offer the very best service to you the customer. Alongside this, a quality range of products that is unlike any other.

Rosie x.

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